aka_kerr1 Thread

When my grandfather was still alive, he had the habit of jingling change in his pocket. He passed away around 1994, fast forward to 1999 when my little sister is about 5. She, like many kids had an imaginary friend that she said would wish her goodnight. When we asked about him, she said "He is a nice old man who comes tucks me in and jingles his money in his pocket, and that makes me laugh !". We all are like "Ok, whatever. She must has overheard one of us telling a story about him jingling his change or whatever." Skip forward a couple of days to us all flipping though a photo album, when out of a family picture of about 15 people, my sister points to my grandpa and says "That's him ! That's the money man !". She picked the man who died before she was even concevied, out of a crowded picture.Still gives me chills, but its also kinda comforting knowing he was watching over us.