Okay so this happened when I was 8 years old. I used to live in rural Oklahoma and I was home alone while my mother checked on my great aunt about 5 miles away because of an incoming thunderstorm. So I was inside watching TV (Lilo & Stitch) in our house we just moved into. Then shit got real. Apparently there was a tornado inbound I had no clue about.The power went out in the house it was about 9 p.m. I remember freaking out because I was scared of the dark til like i was like 11 years old (pussy I know). When the town sirens went off I realized what was happening so I ran into my room grabbed some pillows then jumped into the bathtub. I started crying and when I was crying I heard a loud popping noise followed by silence. Then a voice told me it'll be okay. My mom came rushing home two minutes later and asked me what I was doing in the tub. She said I imagined it all but I swear to you all it was real everything happened and the tree in the backyard fell so that could have been the popping noise? I don't know but it did happen.