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Told this story in a similar post before.

I was 16 and had just gone to bed. Probably about 2am and my mum and dad were out at some party so there was no car on the driveway. I had just gone to bed and my head lay next to the window out onto the street and I could see outside through the side of my blinds. I saw a guy in all black walk past and thought nothing of it.

About 5 minutes later he walked past again and slowed down as he did so. Thought that was a bit weird. Anyway, about 20 mins past and then suddenly I see this guy start walking down the driveway. I heard him start knocking on the door and was just thinking, shit, he's gonna want to burgle us but theres no way I'm answering the fucking door to him. Instead I just decide to shout 'dad!' as if I wasnt the only one in the house. At that point the guy steps back and looks me dead in the eye through the crack in the blind. I know he couldn't see my whole face but he just stands there looking at me and starts pointing at me. He was there for about 10 seconds just staring then turns round and just sprints away, literally as fast as he could.

Not as scary as some here but still freaked me out.