accidentalblackbabby Thread

Throw away time.

During the year 2011 I'd been experiencing some problems sleeping. I'd been using melatonin to help fall asleep. Ever since I was a child I had never really had dreams however prior to this when I would dream it would usually involve really strange déjà vu. Vivid feelings and emotions I wasn't used to experiencing. I would say I was experiencing sporadic lucid dreaming with possible minor sleep paralysis.

Ok enough preface,

May 21st of 2011 I had a dream that actually changed my outlook on a lot of life aspects. I envisioned my entire extended family being killed in a natural disaster. It was very vivid and felt quite surreal. I dreamt my family had been swept up in a massive tornado similar to something out of "The Wizard of Oz". This dream was different. I actually woke up crying which I've never had happen prior or since.

I called my younger brother. I don't usually get too emotional and telling people about my dreams is not something I typically do. I explained how I envisioned my grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt and cousins being lifted off the road in their minivan and thrown to the wayside as the city they were in lay in ruins. He comforted me, assuring me it was just a dream and that everyone is fine.

The next day an EF-5 tornado destroyed the city of Joplin where my family was attending my cousins graduation. The destruction was so bad my uncle who had lived there for 20 years could not find his own house as any discernible landmark had been destroyed. The van they were traveling in was lifted off the road and thrown into a tree. My grandfather saved my family, carrying my wheel chair bound grandmother he kicked out someone's basement window for my family to hide. The storm ended up killing 160 people and causing close to \$3 billion worth of damage.

I've talked to my brother about it twice since the incident. I always say I think it was a huge coincidence, that what I envisioned happens all the time and that it was no big deal. I can't admit to thinking there may have been other powers that influenced my thinking that night. My pride and self perception won't let me.

In actuality this experience scared the shit out of me. I'm not saying I now believe in the paranormal or that I have prophetic vision. I guess I don't know what to think.

I know I'm late to the party and this probably won't be seen by anyone but it feels somewhat therapeutic to type it all out.