ilovemybulldog Thread

I have so many stories from the house I grew up in. It was definitely haunted with the ghost who my childhood friend named "Suzie". Now I know many people are skeptical of ghosts, as was my husband until he lived in the house with my parents and I for a year while we were still dating- he is now a believer. The house is an old farmhouse and we believe it is a girl who used to live there- she is also very particular of men (hence my husband now believing).

The time that I was probably the most scared: My parent's room was about 10 feet down the hall from mine- our doors faced each other. My dad worked nights so my mom slept in their room by herself most nights. I have to preface this by stating that my mom was always the brave one when it came to Suzie. While I'm quite sure a lot of what happened in the house freaked her out, she never showed it (or at least I didn't notice her fear as a child). One night my mom comes in to my room and wakes me up. She asks me if I was watching tv or talking on the phone. It was probably 2:00-3:00 a.m. I was dead asleep when she came in so I told her "no" and she leaves my room. I hear her walk upstairs and give my brothers the same inquisition, and she must have received the same response because she came back down and returned to her room. Not even a minute later she is back in my room asking me to come sleep in bed with her. Seeing as my mom never showed even the slightest fear to "weird" occurrences in the house, this really freaked me out. Somehow she fell asleep right away while I laid next to her for at least a half hour scared out of my mind (touching her arm with my hand just to feel safe).

I asked her the next day what happened. You know those toys you have as a child where you pull the little lever and the arrow spins around then lands on a farm animal and goes "the cow says moooooooo"? She said she could hear something that sounded like that coming from the dining room but it was speaking gibberish. She said it was quiet at first but kept getting louder and louder, which is when she got up to ask my brothers and I if we were making the noises (though she knew it wasn't us). As soon as she walked out of her room, the gibberish stopped. What made that experience creepier than any of the other incidents is how much it freaked out my mom.

I have LOTS of other stories. If anyone is interested in hearing them I'll be glad to share.