Brechetta Thread

Back in about 2002 in my teens, sitting at my computer one afternoon, a random girl added me to MSN. My father is a (fairly) well known artist/painter, but him and I have different last names.

This girl sends me a message. "Oh my god, so your actually the son of ****?! Thats so cool, I would love to talk if you have free time!" totally nice, polite conversation took place about art/music and not much else. after those few hours she went offline and the account never came online again.

I still have no idea how she found my name, contact information, etc... never thought much of it.

fast forward 5 years, a good friend invites me out to a new years house party with him and his girlfriend. I am hardly the party type but I agree to go anyway, hell its new years.

I walk in to a living room full of people, notice a girl staring at me from across the room as soon as I walk in.

She almost knocks people over trying to get in front of me, gives me the double handshake and is borderline hysterical that i'm there. says she is the the girl I talked with that night, gives me her name, knows the details of what we talked about that night in 02' and weirder still, exactly what I looked like.

Not even considering how creepy this all was and just happy to have a gorgeous girl talking to me, we spend the night chatting, eventually after midnight she mentions going back to my place. I take her home, my V-card is gone within 20 minutes. We fall asleep shortly afterwards.

I wake up alone at 7am, assuming she had left already. My roomie is up cooking breakfast and I ask if he saw her leave, "The deadbolts still on the door man, no one left, you sure you weren't dreaming?".

I go back in my room and find her purse laying next to the bed. Wanting to return it, I call and ask my friend who took me to the party who she was, he has no idea, the host of the party had no idea, no one had any clue. I open up her purse looking for contact information, its completely empty except for a white baby corn snake curled up inside...

So yeah... I lost my V-card to an internet pixie/stalker/succubus/medusa whatever you want to call it. I kept the snake as a pet and still have him. :P Still have never found a trace of her actually existing outside of those two encounters. Life is strange sometimes.