The1WhoKnocks-WW Thread

One time, while working in Center City, Philadelphia, I was outside have a cigarette. A homeless guy came up to me, this was nothing uncommon, as there are many homeless living in Center City, but I had been working down there for about 6 months, I knew most of the homeless who hung out near the building that I worked in, but I had never seen this guy before. It was September, and he was dressed for January, with two sweatshirts and a winter jacket covering his torso and a wool cap on his head. With all of that said, I had met my share of eccentric people in the area, and none of that bothered me. I expected him to ask me for change, and I probably would have given it to him. He did not ask for change however. Instead, he walked up to me, he looked me directly in my eyes, put a hand on my shoulder and said "What happened man? You were the best"\ Confused, and nearly speechless, I managed to utter "the best?"\ "At hockey man" he continued "at tonsil hockey"...\ At this point, I wished it were some creepy movie, because the guy probably would have vanished into thin air at that point. Unfortunately, he just continued standing there, with his hand on my shoulder, gazing into my eyes like a cat watching a mouse hole.\ I jerked my shoulder away, walked over to a different bench, and kept looking back to see if the guy had gone away yet. He stood and stated at me until I went inside, all the while with a smug, satisfied look on his face. I finished my cigarette, went inside, and never saw him again.\ .\ TL;DR: Homeless guy I had never seen before implied that I was a good kisser.