Geminian Thread

This is a story from my boyfriends mom: When she was a young mom she lived in an affluent community with her 2 little boys. One day, when she was home alone, a man with a bunch of scars all over his face walks up to the doorstep. Instantly, their Doberman starts to freak out, despite the fact that he was normally the docile type. Next thing she knows, he's knocking on the door, holding a box. Through the door, she asked what he wanted. He said he was delivering a package for the neighbors and had to leave it with someone. He kept insisting that she open the door and take the box. Given that her intuition was setting off serious red flags, she said no and told him to just leave it. After he protested a while longer, she managed to stave him off. Later, when she opened the door, she found the box and opened it to see what was inside, only to find that it was empty... /chills