Ryugi Thread

I was home alone, upstairs, in bed. 1am. Only other housemate at that time was my mom and she was at a party. I heard the door to the garage (it was right below my room and VERY heavy, always slams).

I sent a text to my mom asking if she had a good time. She said she was still out.

I sent several messages to friends, acting casual like I just can't sleep and wanted to chat while getting out of bed armed with a walking stick, to see if I could hear any phones go off. Nothing. It wouldn't be possible to sneak into the garage from outside - there's a deadbolted sidedoor and the garage door can only be opened electronically (otherwise, there are "brakes" on the line to stop it from being pulled up).

I crept out of my room with the housephone and walkingstick, quiet and in the dark. Just dialing one more "1" would get me the police.

I sat at the top of the stairs. I heard footsteps in the hallway against the shag carpet. Someone was stepping softly by the garage door though clearly had big heavy feet.

I pressed the 1 on the phone and retreated to my room again with the door locked, I explained there was someone in the house and I was scared and alone and at the time, 17.

I heard the garage door again. They went into the garage.

I sprinted downstairs and locked them in the garage (though the door had been locked when my mom left, I thought). They were trapped.

I heard the person try the doorknob again and I tried not to scream. Make them think the lock slipped, ya know? There was legitimately someone in there.

They then kicked the door violently. And then it was like... Scratching, heavy with their full body-weight against the door. SCRATCHING. The door. And he started growling and moaning. I can't even describe how un-human it sounded.

After a few minutes of that, I'm having a panic attack telling the police to hurry.

The worst news came.

"I'm sorry ma'am but there are no available units in your area."

You see, we're barely a city. We rely on emergency services from 45+minutes away. And I mean if you're hauling ass and don't hit traffic. It wasn't unheard of for this to happen but there were usually cruisers in our housing area (due to our area paying them to stay nearby).

I called friends, including a friend whose mom is a retired officer. They said it'd be ten minutes. Ten minutes of growling, hissing, thrashing, hitting the door full-force, and throwing things off of shelves in the garage. I heard a box of screws get thrown at the door, and a metal chair... whatever he could get his hands on.

The friend and her mom arrive and helped me do a perimeter sweep. Friend's mom heard it, she heard the noises in the garage so she told me to open the door and flatten myself into the wall (so she'd have a clear line of fire).

I unlocked the door and did as she said. I shut my eyes, I didn't want to see her shoot someone.

No one was in the garage, but it was trashed. All doors were still locked firmly. There were scratches on the door. No structural damage or ways a guy could get in.

The garage door was barricaded that night and I told my mom to open the garage door after she comes into the house (explained that I suspected someone had been hiding in there and got in when she left - I didn't tell her about the fucking weird shit). She did so.

Her car alarm went off (from the driveway, as though right after she opened the garage something sprinted out of the garage so fast they hit her car). I didn't see anyone from the front-of-house windows, though the windows were on the right side of the house so maybe they ran left into the gardens? I dunno we had a pretty good view from that window....