Themiffins Thread

It's creepy to me anyways. I used to lucid dream a lot - haven't in a while mostly because I don't like to, but on to the point. Usually my dreams would be pretty standard but would, for the most part, having something to do with the future just random shit, conversations, meals, work, that sort of thing. I was no stranger to Deja vu as a kid.

The last lucid dream I had was of a man in New York committing suicide. I remember it starting as I opened the door to a skyscraper and walking to the ledge. I put my shoes on the ledge and put a note in it, took in the scenery for a minute or two, then jumped. The creepy part was that it didn't end when I hit the ground.

I could feel everything smash in my body, bones breaking, blood just pooling out of my body. I didn't feel pain but could feel everything. People screamed, cars stopped, etc. I remember being picked up by EMT after cops had cleared the scene and driven to a hospital where I was declared dead and put into a body freezer. It continues a little after but it was just muffled sounds through the door. I just remember seeing dark and being cold.