titomcfly Thread

When my brother and I were in elementary school we were waiting one day for the bus. We lived in a residential area but the streets at that time were still empty because everyone was at work or sleeping. So this particular morning, the bus just never showed up as city school buses sometimes do. My brother who was/is a couple years older was like, "you wait here I'll go tell mom the bus didn't come again." My mom called the school and apparently, according to the school, someone called the school/bus company and said, "The twin brothers on [the bus stop street name] won't be coming to school today." It didn't creep me out until years later when I realized someone had been watching us that morning (or even creepier, watched us previous mornings enough to know our routine) and called the school to say we weren't going in a very vague way and on top of that the fucking school didn't even question it and my older brother left me alone while some creep was possibly watching me.