AcidBathVampire Thread

When I was about 10, I was having a sleepover with my two best (only) friends. We would do it every weekend, alternating houses. My one friend shakes me awake at like 2:00 in the morning, they were both up already, and as soon as I'm awake fully, I notice a flashlight beam searching the house. Then two. Being fearless kids that enjoyed nothing more than having a reason to go outside late at night, we creep out the side door, into the back yard, and see these two would-be burglars standing on the roof of the equipment shed my buddy's dad had built a few years before, trying to get the window open. So my buddy, it's his house, goes, "what the FUCK are you doing?" The guy looks right at us, shines his flashlight at us, and takes one step in our direction before falling off the shed (a good four feet) onto the grass. He made a real loud "uhhh!" sound when he hit the ground and he did not get up. We run back in to get his folks and his dad runs out in his drawers with a bat, guy's still laying there. We call the cops, they get there, guy's still there. We thought he must be dead, but apparently he hit his head pretty hard and was knocked out for real. He barely woke up in time for his arrest. Like we were gonna sleep after that? Lol