yoursistersbush Thread

I believe that my brothers and I were targeted for abduction by a convicted child rapist and murderer when we were all under the age of 6.

Behind my childhood home was a large forested area with trails where people would go ride motorcycles. One day me, my two brothers, our 2 friends and the 2 neighbor girls were walking down one of the trails when we saw a man on the other side of one of the trails waving at us and signaling us to come over to him. We didn't pay any attention to him and kept walking to where the forest got thicker, we would play hide and seek up there.

Well, this time the forest wasn't empty. We saw a campsite and a blue pickup truck parked down at the bottom of one of the hills. We didn't want to stick around to see who would show up so we booked it home and told our parents what we saw.

A couple days later they found 2 boys, brothers, found molested and stabbed about 1/4 mile from where we saw the truck. A month or so after that, a 4 year old boy was abducted from a baseball field 1/4 mile from that forest.

Not too long after that, the guy was caught trying to take a kid out of a movie theater bathroom. The guy's name was Wesley Allen Dodd...they found the 4 year old's body hanging in his closet. Oh and the blue truck belonged to him.

I am convinced that he is the one who we saw waving to us. I believe we were not aggressively targeted by him because there were 7 of us and there's no way he could have taken us all by himself.

He got the death penalty and was ~~hung~~ hanged.