bradofcin Thread

When my parents first moved into my childhood home they decided to set aside a room in the attic as a nursery for their first child which happened to be me two years later. The room they chose was always freezing cold which wasn't so surprising since the house was built in the late 1800's. But what was strange was that immediately after I was born and moved into the nursery it somehow became one of the warmest rooms in our otherwise cold house. My parents thought this was odd but fortuitous as they didn't need to warm the room for baby me. As time went on strange things would happen in my room. Wind-up music boxes would slow to a stop and a few moments later start up again at full speed. I would giggle and fidget and it sounded like I was playing after my parents put me to bed. As time went on and I developed enough to talk in sentences my parents would ask me about what was happening at night and who it was they would often hear me talking to at night. I looked into my mother's eyes matter of factly and said "it's my old lady mom" my mom looked at me puzzled and I responded "don't you see her? She's right there in my closet." My mother was a little put off by this but thought it was just my imaginary friend. Things went on and I got older. I was three and my mom was pregnant with my first little brother. Around this time I began to tell my mother that "my old lady" was very sad and lost. It became quite a problem as the room became cold again like it was before my birth. Luckily my grandma was a huge fan of Montel Williams and his often guest Silvia Brown. Anyway my grandmother had heard that children are often more inclined to see the spirits trapped here etc etc and that when spirits realize they are trapped here they strive to find the light and get depressed when they can't etc etc and the only thing a child apparently has to do is tell the spirit to go toward the light. My family passed this information along to 3 year old me and as it goes I performed an exorcism at the age of 3 apparently. Fast forward 18 years and I was home from college at my mom's house which is and was still my childhood home. I'm home alone one night just using stumble upon on my laptop mindlessly. I stumbled upon a site called like or or something. I stared looking up places in my college town and laughing and so I decided to look at pages in my home city. I clicked on the city name and was stricken with fear when I saw one of the entries. The title was my home address. It was like 4 am and I was all alone in my creaky old house. I read the article and the man talked about owning the house in the 70's and the strange things that happened in it. They even said they had chased an old woman from the attic to the basement one night and as she hid behind the water heater they took a picture. I looked at the picture attached and I swear to god I had a panic attack. There was this image of this woman I had seen so many times before in my reoccurring dreams and nightmares.