TripleOGeg Thread

Damn I'm so late but here goes:

In my old front room / living room you could hear French people talking. No one else could hear it and I was a strange kid so my parents just chalked it down to 'Triple's being weird again'.

I started learning French and trying to understand what they were talking about, I'd sit in the room for hours making notes of what I could hear and what it might mean. This was starting to freak my parents out at this point because I would sit there in a silent living room for hours making notes about French people talking.

One day I'm watching TV and these French ass holes just won't shut up, they're seriously ruining my starship troopers animated series and it's unacceptable. I realise that the louder I turn the TV up the louder the voices are getting, as if they're deliberately talking over the TV.

I've had enough, I turn the TV off and go to walk out of the room but the voices are still talking really loudly. I turn back to the TV and put my ear next to the speaker.

Turns out we were receiving really crappy French FM radio signal from France and it was just a crappy French chat show playing 24/7 (even when the TV was off which was weird).

I couldn't believe my parents didn't believe me so I made them listen and they heard it eventually, I think they were relieved I wasn't insane and amazed that my hearing was so good (it was really quiet).