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I was recently in a car crash in April that broke my jaw and had me in the hospital for a little over a week or so. This hospital was the same one that my younger sister who had cancer was treated in back in the early 2000's. One night, around maybe 9 or 10, I was laying in the hospital bed trying to get to sleep with my mom already dozing off next to me. The way the room was set up I was right next to the door to the hall (to my left with bed in the center). As I feel myself start to fall asleep, I see clear as day my little sister standing in the door way laughing and giggling at me in a gorgeous sun dress. "Come on what are you doing", she said. I laughed and shouted "what?" in reply not even thinking.

My mom jolted awake thinking I needed her and asked what I said. I looked back quickly and the doorway was empty. It wasn't until then I realized what happened and remembered she passed in 2007.

More comforting than creepy but I will never forget it.