Blinded-Ink Thread

When I was in middle school, I fell asleep while my family was watching Tv. We lived in a huge, three-story house with 12 ft. ceilings. It could be creepy if you weren't used to it. So anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night to a dark room, with a crick in my neck from sleeping sitting up. The only thing to see by was the light from the VCR clock, which read 3:09. Not even moonlight filtered in through the windows. It seemed like an odd way to wake up. Moving awkwardly, I stood up. At this point I didn't have a proper bedroom so, tired and a little woozy, I slowly made my way out of the room. There was a breeze on my knees as I walked into the next room where a cushion had been laid on the floor that I sometimes slept on. I dropped onto it and sighed. Ready to go back to sleep, hopefully a better one that wouldn't hurt my neck. I dozed off for half a second, and roused when I felt knuckles running across my cheekbone and down to my jaw. Thinking it was my sister come to check on me, though she rarely touched me, I fell back asleep. When I next woke up, it was morning and it was to shouting. I left the living room, rubbing my eyes. When I approached my mother warily to find out what had happened, she told me we'd been robbed. Someone had broken in and stolen our Tv, VCR, phone and oddly enough, our blender. Kinda weirded out, I went back to the living room and that was when I noticed there was a blanket on the cushion. I hadn't put it there. To this day, I haven't told my family, and I don't think I ever will.