Not-Dick-Cheney Thread

This is not my story. This is another redditors. I liked it so much I saved it but I don't remember who the posters was so I don't want upvotes just want to pass on the story.

The scariest person is someone who I don't even know. While I was back in college I had the opportunity to fly out to Kansas City to see a friend for a weekend. We hadn't seen each other in a while and I really needed a break so I obliged the invitation. I arrived at around 9pm. I knew nothing about the city and he didn't have a car or cell phone because of how close his apartment was to campus. He walked to pick me up from the bus station where I got off from the airport. We went back to his apartment. We started the night off talking and drinking. It was a blast. The time went on and it quickly became 3am. We noticed the time just as there came a loud knock on the door. "Did someone just knock on the door with a piece of metal?" I asked my friend. "I think so, but let me go che...". Suddenly and roaring loud we hear from the door a man calling in a deep and gutteral voice "CAAANDY. FREE CAAANDY." He continued to knock. "OPEN THE DOOR AND COME OUT FOR SOME FREE CAAAANDY." My friend approached the peephole quietly and peered through. He turned around with color slowly draining from his face. He mouthed me the words "We're going to die." He slithered to the floor and wormed his way back to where I was squatting behind the couch, together we made our way to the back of the apartment and hid in a closet. The knocking continued. I asked him what he had seen. "He must be at least six and a half feet tall. He is black, ripped, and completely naked except for a doo rag, and has a double barreled shotgun". His reply carried the emotions of being half amazed and shocked at what he was saying. We shat bricks while waiting for the door to come down in splinters. The knocking continued to get louder and louder. We could feel the pounding from the door in the floor where we were hiding. There was no phone to call for help, no car to run to out of the window. We were on the fourth floor with no access to the stairwell. There was no where for us to go. After about 15 or so minutes the knocking stopped. We no longer heard anyone yelling and offering free candy. We waited for another half hour or so before coming out and looking back into the hallway. He was gone. The next morning I went out and rented a car. My friend went and bought a cell phone. We made a police report but they never followed up on it. Scary shit. TLDR: Naked shotgun wielding black man.