Matt2486 Thread

-With my (now ex) girlfriend

-Flat tire on the 170

-pull over at the next off ramp

-it's dusk, becoming night

-we're parked in the middle of nowhere, some industrial type road in the middle of a sketchy area of LA

-i don't have a spare so i call AAA

-a shady car pulls up behind us and stops, no one gets out

-they just sit there, my ex is semi panicky im telling her she'll be fine

-i get out, go to my trunk and open it. i pull out a tire iron and put it in the back of my jeans pocket making sure they saw it

-after a minute or so they turn their lights on high and it kind of blinds me but they don't move

-i turn around and pull the tire iron out of my pocket and slide it down into my hand facing them.

-They wait 30 seconds and peel out, flipping a u-turn and disappear off into the night

-She is pretty shaken up, AAA comes in 5 minutes and we get out of there

The scariest thing here is that I was going to leave her there and go walk down the road to see if I could find a gas station as I didn't have AAA, but we looked up online that you could use a friend's account if you didn't have a membership and she had AAA. True story.