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Mine has a good twist:

I was out drinking downtown with friends. We went to a bunch of pubs in a big group and ended up quite a ways from our original location. They all decided to take a cab to a stripclub, but it was way too late for me already and I didn't have cash, so I had to back out. It was then I realized that I would have to walk a good five miles back to my car, through some shady spots of town, and I was dressed a little too nice. Screw it, I thought, I can do this.

There were plenty of other people (witnesses) throughout most of the walk, but the one section I had to go through that I was worried about sure enough didn't have anyone. Well, I just started on through. About a block away I could see a group of black males walking together. They had two girls walking behind them. There wasn't a walking path on the other side of the street. I figured I would have enough sidewalk space to squeeze on by. As I got closer they started fanning out a bit. I was getting a little nervous, but they hadn't made any overt threats, yet, and they weren't wearing colors or being particularly ganster so I swallowed my fears and kept walking. They fanned out a bit more, now taking up the entire sidewalk. There were parked cars along where we would arrive at each other so I had to step into the middle of the street to get around.

I passed them with no issue, relieved. I then hear one of the girls, "Ya'll guys are assholes." It still gives me a smile.