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One afternoon my mom and dad's best friend came to visit our house from another town about two hours away, after a night of partying they went to the beach the next morning and gave me, my brother and their friends daughter \$20 each to clean the house which was wrecked. So we decided to walk to the store and clean the house when we got back. We came home about an hour later and when we opened the door the house was absolutely spotless, complete with changed out garbage bags and (what seemed like) freshly mopped floors and wiped down counters tables etc. (basically the house was deep cleaned). Needless to say we immediately called our parents asking them why they paid us if they were just going to come back and clean themselves, but when they answered they were obviously drunk and partying on the beach. We sat on the front steps for 4 hours completely terrified to go back in the house until our parents returned, they still denied it when they got back and accuse us of failing to prank them. It still gives me chills to this day, I mean the house was completely trashed, won't ever forget it.