SewerSquirrel Thread

My grandfather was a fisherman of sorts, lived right next to the lake, sun room full of fishing gear overlooking it. On the day of his funeral, after we went back to his house to start getting things in order, the otherwise sunny/humid day until that point just went away. Storm clouds rolled in quicker than I had previously thought possible, and it quickly turned into a thunderstorm with very heavy downpour.

While my cousin and I were in the sun room, watching the rain hit the glass walls, 2 fishing poles we hadn't thought he kept in the house slid from the wall to the floor. We went out still dressed in suits, and proceeded to fish. We caught 18 bass in under an hour, just standing against the seawall during the storm. One by one, they just hooked up on our poles. I'd like to think that was my grandfather giving one last nod before heading off into the unknown.