PatrickRsGhost Thread

Before my mom became pregnant with me, she worked for the City of Pensacola in the late 1970s. She was a computer operator, I think something dealing with utilities. At the time, they used those large printers that printed on the 11x17" striped paper. The printers were located in a separate building from the main City Hall building. To get to that building, she had to cross the back parking lot, which was barely lit, save for a couple of light poles.

One night in particular (she worked nights), she had to walk across the parking lot, and noticed three cars in the lot. There were usually two in the lot: Hers and the night security guard's. The third car was an orange VW Beetle. The owner of the Beetle got out. He was a man, looked to be in his 30s, and had his left arm wrapped up in a blood-spotted towel, in a makeshift tourniquet. He approached her and asked her if she could drive him to the hospital. She thought this was weird, since he just apparently pulled up in his own car. She said she couldn't leave, but she'd call for an ambulance. She hurried back into the main building, and the guy just stood at the back door, waiting. She called the security guard and asked him to call police. There was something strange about this man, and my mom didn't trust him. Before the police arrived, the guy must have given up and finally left.

The man was none other than Ted Bundy.