Dusty_Ideas Thread

Damn I hate getting to these threads late.

I vacationed for a week in Myrtle Beach in a beach house that turned out to be haunted.

Back when I was in high school my best friend at the time took myself and a few other friends up to Myrtle Beach on a timeshare his parents had. It was honestly a really nice place, and it was a 2 minute walk from the shore, so it was very convenient.


Upon arriving and after unpacking, we did what any group of teenagers would, blasted music and played beer pong. I do not drink, so I just played with Coca-Cola. We used a long dining table in the dining area central to the house layout to play; on one side of us was the open kitchen and on the other side was a door that lead outside, partitioned by a sheet of cris-crossing wooden strips. During the game, I saw a figure walk across the floor opposite the porous partition that was wearing white sneakers. I only managed to see its sneakers before it passed the end of the partition. I looked under the table to look at everyone's shoes. Converse, purple sneakers, barefoot, flip-flops.


A few people had decided to hit the town the next night so it was just me and my best friend in the house. He got shithoused and decided to make tacos. As he stumbled around preparing his mexican munchies I watched him stop and get distracted by something outside (the open kitchen had a glass patio door that gave a complete view of the backyard). He started talking.

"Hey there, little guy! What are you doing out there? Dusty!"

He turns to me.

"There's this weird kid outside just fuckin' staring at us! Hey lets give him a t--"

He turns back to face the patio door.

"YO what the fuck! Haha you snuck up on me! Dusty come look at this kid."

He is laughing now. I get up from playing Final Fantasy IV and walk to the kitchen. He adjusts himself, looking away from the patio door briefly.

I get to the patio door. There is no one there.

"There isn't anything there dude, are you fucking with me?"

"Dude I swear there is this little quirt outside wearing all white!"


After a long day of corralling my friends who had drank literally the entire day, two of them had passed out and my friend had headed to the bathroom to brush his teeth. I had just reached the Moon in FFIV.

"Was that you?"

My friend was standing in the hallway. He had finished brushing his teeth and was now in front of me with a hand on the wall and a wry smile on his face.

"Was what me?"

"The whole 'hand coming at me from the doorway that I see in the mirror' thing."

"Bro this couch is squeaky as hell. If I had done that you would've heard me jump back into this futon."


Packing up to leave. My three friends had run into town one last time to grab some snacks for the 12 hour drive back. I was scooping my clothes and junk into my rolling suitcase. I pause and look up to the completely closed front door. It opens and swings the entire range of its hinge, slamming into the supporting wall.

That door is always locked and required a key to open every time.