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My mother and grandmother have told me about this situation/event many times.

When I was around six-months-old, my godfather was in a gruesome accident, where he was crushed by some heavy equipment alone on the job (construction worker). His back was broken, and he laid there for a few hours before his father found him, dying.

The night before his accident, he drove two hours from his hometown in the middle of the night, just to come visit my parents and I, and started saying his "good-bye" to all of us, as if he knew something bad would happen to him. Obviously, my mother thought this was creepy and eery, so she was worried.

When my family got news of the accident, it took a toll on them. My godfather grew up with my mother since they were kids, and it was extremely painful to see someone so young and important go.

Anyway, my mother took me to my godfather's funeral, and I touched my godfather's corpse (it was an open-casket funeral). In the weeks that followed, I became depressed, stopped eating and sleeping, and I'd mumble (as I was too young to talk) and laugh in the middle of the night, as I had whenever my godfather would play with me.

My grandmother believed in spirits, so she inspected the house and decided to cleanse me of my godfather's spirit, whom had latched onto me, according to her. She did some sPoOkY things to my room and my bed, and left for the night.

That same night, my parents were asleep, and the door slammed open, books started to fall off the shelves, and my godfather was standing next to their door, sans feet (i.e. a ghostly figure). My mother yelled at him, begging to let me go and leave me alone, as I was only a baby and my health was deteriorating, so he nodded and vanished.