paixful Thread

My sister died when she was 18, unexpectedly. The family was, obviously, very upset. My dad, in his grief was at the gravesite and talking and crying and telling "her" that he hoped she was ok and he wished she could give him the answer. None of us knew of this visit at the time. Later that evening when we were all at my parent's house, I went to use the phone and on their answering machine (this was back in the early 90s) was a film roll from a 110 camera (really dating myself now - anyhow, we hadn't used that type of film in our cameras for at least 5 if not 10 years at that point).

My parents took the film to get developed and low and behold every picture on that film was a picture of her from when she was young - like 4 or 5 years old, smiling and having fun.

My dad was so pleased and said it was the answer he was looking for, and told us the story of visiting "her". It was kinda creepy, and then realizing we found this film just out of the blue sitting in the open on our answering machine was quite ironic, or creepy, or both.

We still have no clue where that film roll came from or how it managed to be sitting around somewhere for at least 10-13 yrs undeveloped and suddenly appear out of thin air, but really, it was a good creepy thing.

We had a few more weird things like that after she died. Still uncertain what to make of it all but part of me hopes it was really her and part of me is totally creeped out that maybe it was her....