_wilson_wilson_ Thread

I know very few people will ever see this. And I hope that adds to the fact that I am NOT making this up.

I was an American in Lisbon, Portugal, working at a hostel. Long story short I met this girl and I started to chat her up and she was with a large group of people. But I convinced her that it would be more fun for the two of us to just get up immediately and leave the hostel and go for a completely random walk around the city. It was like 7pm and it was just starting to get dark.

I couldn't believe that she said yes and we left the hostel and started walking through the city. Since the theme of the entire walk seemed to be based around the word "random", I started to suggest that we take turns suggesting random directions to go in and random streets to turn down.

This is easy in a city like Lisbon and relatively safe, so we ended up really mixed up into the backstreets of the city. We passed a nice church, and were wandering down a random back-street and then suddenly there were cafe's and little hip restaurants. We were both getting hungry but I suggested that we walk a little further and take a couple last random turns, and if they didn't lead anywhere, we could always go back to this little cafe section.

So we did that. And she said "Okay, lets turn around now." And I said "No, lets go just one more, should it be a left or right?"

We turned left. Suddenly I saw what looked like a firework explode from the top of a building. It was probably like 5 stories high. But it clearly wasn't a firework, it kind of looked like someone took a giant saw and had just made contact with the side of a brick building. It looked like SPARKS. But like a BURST of sparks. A sudden burst. An explosion.

It immediately caught my attention and as I was opening my mouth to say to the girl "Holy shit, do you see that...", my mouth closed and I can only say I went into some kind of "deer in the headlights" shock.

I watched every one of those "sparks?" start to move as if they were each a living thing. It was like a flock of birds. But like the birds were half-sized and on fire, or with mirrors glued to every inch of their bodies.

I cannot explain it. They were reflective somehow. Like light reflecting on the sea. It was like nothing I have ever seen in my life. And the "flock?" was not very high, like an airplane. It was like 5 stories up, I could have thrown a rock and hit one.

They literally began to fly, some in formation and others kind of around the pack. And there must have been hundreds. It was like watching a live fire fly through the sky in formation but the fire never burned out.

I cannot fucking explain what I saw. I am 31 years old and I have seen a lot of things and I have watched hundreds of Nat Geo videos and read books about species of animal/insects that are special and remarkable and rare.

No. What I saw was out of this world. I just stared in shock as this pack of creatures moved around the building, flew over us, and then flew around the corner. I would think I was having a brain aneurism but as this happened I glanced at the girl and she was also staring up in disbelief. Had I been alone, I would question my sanity and probably convince myself that something in my brain had misfired.

I do not know what we saw. But WE saw it. There was nobody else around because we were on a really random back street. I didn't have my phone (camera/video) because that day they had made me switch rooms in the hostel and I had to move quick so I ended up throwing my phone in a pile of stuff and didn't sort it out before leaving with the girl (which had happened randomly).

She didn't have her phone because she was on vacation and had a camera but it was super nice and she hadn't brought it because we were just going for a short walk and also because we left so randomly.

To this day, if we had a video of what that was in the sky, I know it would have millions of hits and be famous and people everywhere would call it fake and it would prompt discussion. I have searched every kind of video, website and forum since this experience but cannot find anything even remotely like it.

Since this DID happen. I can only imagine that one day someone else will see these flying light/fire creatures and I will finally be justified in what I saw that day with the girl. Until then...

That night changed everything for me. I don't know if they were aliens, or souls, or what. But they were clearly not of this world.