isabellerose3 Thread

When I was young (about 7 years old) i moved into a new house with my dad. Whenever I would walk through the hallway to go to the bathroom, I would feel a choking sensation that weirded me out. I remember avoiding the hallway as much as possible and instead going into my dad's room to use the bathroom. He used to get annoyed at me for doing this. One day he was sitting on the porch talking to a neighbor who had lived next door for many years. He brought up the subject again about me using his bathroom and how I had my own personal one. I told him that I felt a weird feeling around my neck when I did and I got the creep. Our neighbor freaked out, and explained to my dad that the previous homeowner had committed suicide by hanging himself in that halllway.

Still creeps me out to this day. We ended up moving out about a year later, but my dad let me use his bathroom from then on out.