healydorf Thread

A bit late to the party, but oh well!

This was actually a few weeks ago. My friends and I were headed out to a state park near the St Croix river for some hiking and climbing. Friend says "hey lets swim across to the other side". For those of you not aware, swimming across a river is not for the novice swimmer and can be dangerous. Having done it a few times before myself, I said sure what the heck but cautioned the 3 other guys with me that it's really fucking dangerous (they didn't care). I finished crossing ahead of the others with no problems and hung onto a tree while I took a piss in the river. Few moments later, I hear my friend saying "GUYS I DON'T THINK I'M GONNA MAKE IT". He starts freaking out, trying to fight the current, basically doing all of the absolute WORST THINGS TO DO in this situation. Being an eagle scout, I had a backpack with pretty much everything you'd ever need in it and long story short we calmed him down and got him out no problem! He wasn't too keen on going back in the river obviously, so we took a 7 mile barefoot hike to a crossing. We all left our phones back in the car because swimming.

When we hit the crossing there was a park ranger there and the following conversation happened: > Is your name healydorf?

Yeah, whats up?

We got a call from local dispatch saying you were out here and in some sort of trouble

Apparently my girlfriend out of the blue had a really bad sinking feeling along with shortness of breath. After calling me to verify I was ok and me being way too far away to answer, she called the county sheriff's office who got in touch with NPS and so on. She gets a lot of these "bad vibes", but this thread appears pretty dead.