Mctoddlerlovin Thread

A few days after I got my Xbox One, I was playing it in my game room. You can see my bedroom door from the room I was in and the door was cracked. I didn't think anything of it until I saw a girl peek out and then quickly go back inside. I ignored it, and played it off like it was my imagination. I saw the exact same thing 4 more times, and I was starting to get curious. I went to investigate but, of course, nothing was there. When I sat back down to play, I spoke into my mic and some kind of garbled and warped voice came out. I thought the console was glitching, so I went to the settings and clicked on 'kinect' to try and use that instead of the headset. Well, when you access the kinect screen, it let's you see what the kinect sees. And the kinect registered a guest in the back corner of the room. I assumed it was my dog, and checked the back corner to make sure I wasn't going crazy. I wasn't. When I looked back at the screen, the 'guest' had began shaking violently and was slowly shifting toward me. I was paralyzed with fear, and the guest continued to move until it hovered over my head and disappeared.

If this doesn't get buried in the thread, I have a picture for proof. It was terrifying. 

Edit: Along with my dog, I was the only person in the house... that I know of. After this "occurrence" I guess, I've had a few more equally terrifying experiences around the house. :( But here's [the picture] (