locksta Thread

Absolutely no one believes me, but here's my story.

It was about 3 or 4 years ago during summer. I was about to head out with some mates for a few drinks at the pub.

Anyways, you know when you call your own number and you get a busy tone? Or it redirects to your voicemail?

I dialled my own number once accidentally, and after realising I had called the wrong number I was about to hang up and call again when someone picked up and said Hello. I thought it was my voicemail, so I hung up and redialled my friend's number.

I called again, the same voice picked up and said hello, I looked at my phone briefly, saw my friend's name on the screen and was a little confused.


"Sorry this is Locksta, I think you've got the wrong number"

I wasn't freaked out or anything, I just kind of spaced out. After about 5 seconds the voice says "Hello?" and proceeds to hang up.

I check my call logs. Called myself at 6:15pm, called my friend Naoki at 6:16pm. Double check. Double check again.

Call my friend Naoki again, but this time he picks up. The rest of the day I was just mildly confused.

Anyways, The only rational explanation I have is that there was some glitch in the cellular system and I just so happened to be redirected to someone's number who has the same name as me.

I choose to believe for a brief second I opened out a line to a parallell universe.