Vicky_Vallencourt Thread

I posted this in r/creepy once before.

My husband and I got a phone call from a strange number one night. We didn't think much of it until I checked the voicemail. The first voicemail was a garbled recording of my husband and I having a conversation. I was pretty freaked out, but I wrote it off as me accidentally doing it somehow.

The second time it happened I freaked out. My husband and I were having a bit of an argument one evening. We get another phone call from a strange number. Again, its a recording of my husband and I fighting. We live alone and we were in the basement watching movies when this happened. We do not have any kids or other people living in the house.

I tried a backward number search and it came back as New York for the first number and Washington DC for the second. I don't know anyone who lives in NY or DC.

It still scares us to this day.