LieslMR Thread

I actually have two more; one from my Mother, one not so creepy - but strange.

My mom and Dad were traveling with friends in North Florida around 301 I-10 in the middle of the night. Eventually they saw somebody in the road, as they got closer they saw it was a young woman, naked, and bloodied, pleading for help. They stopped the car but as they did, 6 vehicles pulled up with their brights on and a bunch of guys got out toting shotguns, machetes, etc. Needless to say, my parents booked it out of there and left the lady. They have no idea what may have happened.

The second story is mine; My grandma had a rough time, the last couple years of her life. Luckily, we were able to move her down to FL from VA to be closer to my Mother. Near the end, she was in a hospice facility that took amazing care of her last needs. (Totally tearing up while typing this.) I had essentially already said my goodbyes, she wasn't coherent anymore, I had no idea if she ever knew I visited her, but my Mom was at hospice most of the day, every day. Well, one day my mom called me and asked for me to bring her a heavy jacket because it was freezing in the facility and she couldn't get warm. I reluctantly agreed and when I got there I called her cell 5 or 6 times waiting for her to come out but she never answered the phone. I really didn't want to deal with having to see my Gma withering away, it was so difficult.. but I went in anyways. I told my mom I had been calling, she didn't hear any of the calls. I gave her the jacket and we talked for a few minutes, Mom said she thought Gma was pretty close to the end. As I hugged my Mom, my Gma took a really deep breath and she was gone. Unfortunately, it was my Mom's birthday.. but the only way I can look at it positively is my Gma wanted us all to be together one more time for my Mom's birthday.

Ugh, gonna stop crying now. Thanks for reading!

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