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Ok, so this is a weird one. Up until this point i had never even doubted the fact that the paranormal was a load of made up shit. However (sorry for the cliche setting here) one night a few years back (I believe it was October time, nearing Halloween) we were asked to house-sit for my step-grandparents who had gone on vacation for the week.

So there we are watching TV late at night and we notice that our 2 springer spaniels are starting to act slightly weird, panting up and down, heavy breathing... that sort of thing. We just wrote it off since they were both fairly old at this point. After about 20 minutes the eldest dog, Tom, starting violently barking at what appeared to be nothing. This obviously spooked us all not just because it caught us off guard but the severity of the barking suggested he had seen something/someone.

At this point we're all a bit on edge so the fact that moments later we are catapulted out of our seats by still to this day the loudest crash to ever grace my eardrums, this sent all of our hearts racing out of our chests. We're talking as if someone dropped freight crate off a skyscraper, this shit was deafening. Anyways, almost immediately my father jumps up and grabs the nearest weapon he could find (In this case a mallet sort of object). We all hesitantly make our way to the office to the back of our house, this was where we all heard the noise originate from. Inside the office we were startled to find one of the large cabinets in there overturned and on the opposite side of the room. Not only had it moved to the other side of the room but all the drawers from the cabinet had been emptied out across the floor. We knew this was hard to explain as there was no sign of entry, no broken windows, all windows and doors were locked, not to mention the fact that me and my father tried to move this cabinet previously to no avail, this shit was heavy as all hell, so the fact that it could be flung across the room in such a manner was unsettling to say the least.

Reluctantly we left it as it was and went to bed, clearing it all up in the morning. (Understandably i didn't sleep that night.) Interestingly we read in the local paper a few days later that the program we had been watching that night played some white noise that in some way is supposed to encourage paranormal activity of sorts. But either way... we're all now believers.