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This is more strange than creepy. You know that feel when a dream feels real. I had this one dream ( I never remember dreams, but this one is as clear as a sky) where my life took a few turns different which made it a whole lot different. While they still divorced in the dream my dad never went full asshole mode and never went to jail, never abandoned us. I never gained as much weight as I did during fifth grade and as a result I never got bullied. I didn't escape through gaming as much as I did in the real world and had way better grades. I never lost confidence and had a whole lot more friends. And girlfriends. I had my first kiss in this dream. But one night I got a bit drunk and went to bed. I stared into my reflection for a long long time. Something was off. It was me in the reflection, but in a way it was not me. It didn't really look like me. I fell asleep staring in the eyes of my other self. To this day the dream feels just as real as reality. I know that it was most likely just a dream, but it felt so real for me