G3nerous Thread

We rented an the top two floors of a two family house that used to belong to an old women who had passed away somewhat recently, and was the reason they were renting the place. I asked the neighbors if she had passed in the house but they kind of dodged the question. I got the attic to myself which was nice I had two large bedrooms one of which I used for a sort of living room, and a third room that was mostly just for storage. The catch being that there was a bunch of really creepy old stuff in the rooms, terrible flooring, paint, and lastly there was a fourth room in the attic that the land lord had specified we were not allowed to occupy. The room connected to it was painted no joke blood red. Inside was a bed with crutches and a folded American flag across it. Old furs and a wheel chair in the closet, and old black and white photos all over the place... not a room you want to sleep next to. Everybody that came over those first few weeks asked what was in there, so I'd show them and everybody tolled me that the attic was haunted. But it was pretty sweet after I fixed everything up a bit, redid the floors, painted the walls kind of took away from the fact that the room existed in such close proximity. I'm not afraid of the dark but in that room it just didn't feel right. I took 3x25lb weights for a barbell in front of the door to ease some of the weirdness I guess. Even put a broom against the door so I would hear it if it fell. I'm a light sleeper so it gave me some comfort. The only way into my room was through one door to the first room that I kept locked at night. I woke up at probably around 4am to find all the weights moved across the floor a solid 4 feet, and the door wide open with the broom propped up on the other side of the room. I got the worst feeling in my gut the hair on my arms stood up and I ran out of the attic, and couldn't sleep there for a while. Ended up putting a really large dresser in front of the door and weight on that as well. Never had any issues after that but that night still haunts me to think about