FerCrerker Thread

2 years ago- me and a friend are driving out to an abandoned undeveloped neighborhood far away from civilization. We were bored, and I wanted to have some fun in the dirt that was out there in my 350z.

So were cruising, we pass 2 or 3 cars on the way but there is this one car behind us for a long time. We take a left, they turn left. We take another left, once again they follow. At this point I am thinking it is coincidence until I got to where we were going and he was still behind us.

It was at that point that I knew, something was fucky, because there were no other houses, buildings, or civilization down the road where we were- they had to be following us.

I consult with my friend, and he agrees somethings not right, we can feel it.

I say fuck this, drop a gear and start hauling ass, and he tries to follow but cant keep up. My heart starts beating faster and faster. The adrenaline is building up as my focus intensifies, I'm feeling excitement, fear, uncertainty but subdue the feelings as I know it will only make things worse.

The end of the road is closing in, I know turning is my best bet. There is a road to the right of me that gets real dark and my car is blacked out (my car for the curious) so I know it will be hard to see me, I slam on breaks and turn my lights off as soon as I turn.

With my lights off I go halfway down this road and just sit there without holding my brakes so my lights won't be visible. The car that was following me starts closing in, I'm staring in my rear-view mirror, the closer they get to the side street I turned on the more my anxiety sky rockets then- they drive passed the street I turned on and they turned on the next street.

probably 2 or 3 seconds after the car turned on the next street they stop, and the passenger stands up and looks around for a few seconds and screams "Where the fuck are you?!" angrily, before getting back in the car and taking off. They drive forward and take another right, so now they are driving from my left, to my right on the road 100 feet in front of me.

I knew this might go bad quickly, so I was planning in my head the escape route. They are getting closer to the street I am sitting on, and as they were passing in front of me I was thinking they know I'm here, there's no way they don't see me but to my amazement, they pass. A huge relief goes through my body but I know it isn't over.

The car goes down to the next street and before taking another right, they stop, both of them get out and start looking around. I could hear them talking but I couldn't make it out.

This was my opportunity- I dump the clutch, throw it in reverse and start booking it. 3, 4, 5, 6,000rpm in reverse, about 25mph in reverse. I get to the intersection, hook the car so I am facing the exit, throw it in the first gear and floor it. Wheels spinning, cars sideways, and I glance to the left and see the guys barreling down the road they turned on straight towards me.

I'm pushing my car to red-line before shifting like I am in a pro-circuit race. I start to approach the exit, I am doing 110mph and I start slowing down to turn, I look in my rear view and they're probably half way down the road behind me. I turn left out of the neighborhood and start heading back to the city. I lost them shortly after but I wasn't waiting around to find out who they were or why they were following me. I got on the highway and booked it home.

I still never figured out what they wanted, but they were in an old, creepy car and followed me for a good 5-10 miles.

TL;DR: I was followed by a car for a long time to an abandoned un-developed neighborhood at 1am. They chased me even after I started speeding up. I hid in the dark on a side street with my lights off, they drove around me but never saw me even though they stopped to get out of their car to look around. I ended up hauling ass out of there and lost them because they could not keep up.

Pro-Tip: Read the full story, it's much more enjoyable.