vaccin3 Thread

This may get buried because I am pretty late to the party, but my mother and I had the exact same dream on the same night from each of our own perspectives.

I had a dream that me and my mother were sitting in a car together. We were both talking about something when I saw two men come up to the driver side of the car which I was seated in. I turned to my mother who was in the passenger seat and saw that another man was walking up to her side of the door. I looked at her and said "Don't let them in, I am going to roll down my window slightly to hear them". My mother told me she would lock the doors, but instead opened them and we were both pulled out the car. I woke up from my dream and just treated it like it was another one of my weird dreams.

My mother came to visit me later that day and was talking about this weird dream she had that night. She started telling the same story and at first I thought it was just coincidence. When she got to the part about the men walking up to the door on my end and her end, I got freaked out and stopped her. I finished the story of what happened in the dream and she was confirmed that we had the exact same dream down to the wording. It was incredibly crazy. To this day, it freaks me out to think that this can happen.

TL;DR My mother and I had the exact same dream from different perspectives down to the exact dialogue.