thebothersaregiven Thread

Ok, sooo, lurker for a bit, but I'm finally going to post! I'm excited. Anyway, this actually happened because I was lurking on subreddits such as these. I would read a lot of posts talking about people's own experiences with close encounters involving rape, murder, kidnapping, child molesting, etc. After viewing these for a while, one day an old memory just popped in my head and I had a "Holy shit! Something like that happened to me! I remember!"

So, anywho, when I was about 7 or 8 I was walking home from school. now I lived with my grandparents at the time and my school was roughly 5-6 blocks away (going up a steep hill). They lived in a pretty decent neighborhood, kind of like your average, quiet middle-class neighborhood. I remember a white van driving up beside me and a guy calling out to me asking if I needed a ride. The road to the sidewalk was fairly far apart, as in it was sidewalk, grass, curb, parked cars and then the road; it wouldv'e been difficult for him to just snatch me, I guess. He asked me if i need a ride and I was literally two houses away and that's more or less what I told him. i actually pointed and said: "...but, I live right there" at which the guy speeds off. I remember thinking to myself that that guy was an idiot. Not thinking I could've been kidnapped or whatever, just he was stupid. I didn't tell any one anything. So now we come to this day and age. After I started thinking about it more and more I got curious. After all the posts I've read, about people's close encounters, I started to wonder if maybe something was reported or something happened around that time. Being the morbidly curious bastard that I am, I started looking through missing children cases that were in my state. They were categorized by date of dissappearence and area. So, I narrowed it down. I was around 7 or 8, it was spring time... I looked and looked and soon I found it. The kid that might've been me. He was last seen in May of '93 in the town that is about a mile a way from where I was. His picture freaked me out because he was eerily similar to how I looked as a kid. i read throught the profile and it was suspected that he was taken by some gentlemen who were suspicious of being a part of a child pornography ring. At the end of the profile it was said that he may have been spotted as an adult in another state, due to age enhancing graphics and that he had a certain distinguishable scar.

After i found out all this I got really weirded out and I think about it sometimes, especially when I feel that life sucks. I wrote his name down and I won't ever forget him. I didn't know him, never will, there's a chance that the man in the white van had nothing to do with the other kid, but I feel as if it's too coincidential to be not what it is; I feel so creeped out by it and sad for the other kid. :(

Also, a little off topic but at the same time on, something I feel might've been paranormal happened to me as a kid in my grandparents house that is the only thing that has still stuck with me. I stayed in my grandparents guest room and my grandmother had all these thimbles on the dresser (as decoration I guess). She also kept her mother's lock of hair in the closet. I don't mean like a little thing of hair I'm talking about the whole pony tail! Anyway, one night, trying to go to sleep, one of the thimbles tipped over and rolled onto the floor (it was on the floor in the morning). At the time I remember thinking it was just weird because stuff like that couldn't happen. Whatever, I went back to sleep. I told my grandma and grandad and dad the next day, no one believed me. It wasn't until I was older that I put two and two together and started to think maybe my great-grandmother was trying to communicate with me.

And that's that. My first reddit story. yay!