NopeNotAnthony Thread

This is from my mother, I am the sick child by the way:

Was some time ago I was 20 a first time mom under large amounts of stress with a sick baby being told my baby wouldn't survive much longer I wasn't eating, wasn't sleeping I had lost my faith in God and too ashamed to talk to anyone about it...I left the hospital one evening to go home to shower to spend another night in intensive care with my 1 year old son. When I got home I sat down next to my father trying hard to build the nerve to confess to him (a highly religious man) what I had been thinking and feeling and as I looked up at our stair case to take the deep breath I felt I needed to talk to him I seen myself hanging on the stair case...I have no idea til this day what that was stress, anxiety, doubts or even something more sinister but I started to scream and cry, I totally freaked out. my father didn't know what was going on and when I started screaming that I was hanging there and saying can't you see?! He just didn't know how to react or what to say but I have to add that I did not drink or do drugs my husband was over seas in the military and I was pregnant...not sure what this was or what it meant but I do think about it often