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When I was 16 years old, my parents left for to weekend to go to Reno (we lived in Washington state at the time) and I was home alone. I got home from school that Friday night, excited to have the house to myself, and began mindlessly channel-surfing in our living room. The way that the living room was designed was that to the right of the television, were a set of glass doors that looked out to the back yard. The yard was bordered by about a ten foot hill covered with ivy, at maybe a 30-degree incline. It was about dusk and the brightness of the TV was kind of dominating the room. Out of the corner of my eye, I see some movement in the backyard. I initially disregarded it, thinking it was just a neighborhood cat or something. Then I noticed the movement again... I went and pressed my face directly against the glass, only to see a grown man hunched in the ivy, slowly inching his way towards the house. The second I spotted him; our eyes met. There was one small second of "oh, shit..." on both our parts, and then the motherfucker BOLTED through the yard, hopped the fence, and I never saw him again. Figure he was there to rob the house or something, but still... It was eleven years ago and I still get the heebiest of jeebies thinking about it.