mattgftw Thread

When I was sixteen, I worked in the produce department at our local market basket. Produce on the week nights was a one man show, so it was my turn to fly solo when a customer approaches me (he's in his mid 30s, chubby, and sweating profusely) and asks me if we carry pomegranate. I wasn't sure, so I walked around the department to check and he followed right behind me like a loyal puppy. I noticed he had the most random items on him, like orange juice and bubbles. Upon discovering we had none, I let him down and he went on his way. Fast forward to closing time, I have my cart out pulling all the produce that needed to be put away, when mr. Pomegranate comes back and drops a piece of paper on my cart. "This is for you" he says as he scuttles away. By this point, the guy is pouring sweat. Me, being the innocent 16 year old that I am, assume it's his trash or a grocery list. I wait for him to turn the corner before I investigate, then I ripped it open and started reading what appeared to be a typed out note specifically for me. He used AIM short hand to seem hip and led off with "watz up magoo?" So I continue to read, when it hits me, this guy was trying to pick me up. He later professes that he thinks I'm "yummy" and that we should meet up at the beach after work. Well, I'm a bit shocked and I turn it into the closing manager, who, after reading it, loses his shit and checks the cameras. Well, the cameras didn't lie when they captured him following around the department, watching me from the mirrors in the apple case. At one point, I'm bending over picking up a case of bananas and he is blatantly staring at my ass. Not even trying to be sneaky. Eventually the cops were called and I filed a statement, his face was pulled off the camera and posted all over the establishment. He never showed his face again.

TL;DR: 16 year old me had a stalker at work who tried to have his way with me. I'm also yummy.