NanoDice Thread

Posted this before, but whatever. This happened to my sister's friend,J, a few years ago. They were having a gathering in J's apartment just chilling in the living room. The apartment is about 20 stories up and has three bedrooms. Each bedroom is fashioned in a way in which when you head inside, a rather large window is right in front of you with no balconies. Anyways, after some time, J realized she had forgotten something in her room. She went into her room and closed the door behind. After about 5 minutes, she ran right out of her room screaming and crying. Everyone was a little freaked out, tried calming her down and asked what happened. Her answer was chilling - she said that once she closed the door to her room and started looking for her stuff, she noticed, through her peripheral vision, a presence outside the window and turned over for a proper look. She saw that it was a girl looking directly at her. You can't see her eyes because her hair was so long that it covered her entire face. The skin was unusually pale and she was wearing a white, long down. The worse thing was that not only was she standing OUTSIDE her window...she was also...UPSIDE DOWN...just staring at her.