Kalny2 Thread

This will probably get buried but what the hell. I've told this story a few times and I stand by it. I have this EVP on youtube and will link at the end.

2007 (I have all of my recordings cataloged) It was the evening of my best mate's funeral (although I don't think I mention that in the clip) I'd come home and went to another friend and he was cheering me up. We decided to do another podcast (We did a few back in the day.) Had one of those digital recorders. I'm pissing about with the controller in the study, it's small and very quiet. My friend runs upstairs and asks me to clear all recordings on the device.

I'm familiarizing myself with the device, so I record dead silence for a few seconds, rewind and replay. A disembodied and very hollow, raspy voice speaks back. It says "Never again." The voice is familiar. (Wow, I'm actually getting cut up typing this..) I went white, I showed my friend, he went white. Tried to disregard it as radio interference, but at the same time was very interested.

2009 I got myself one of those recorders - a cheapo one. Digital from Amazon. I went out to churches, graveyards and I started getting more voices. There is a loooong gap here of me recording and dabbling in the dead, going on professional ghost hunts and vigils - I literally dived right into that end of the spectrum and It was incredible.

Then in later in 2009, I'm told during attendance of a mediumship circle, that I must record again at home. I am also told that I will not 'see' my best friend again until I am "much older." I do this and get another recording. "Never Again." Same voice. Same tone. The audio spectrum graph thing from the old EVP fits the new one. I'm blown away.

Finally in 2010 It happens again. I'm doing professional recordings of a church (UK). My entire family is sitting with me listening to what we got - mostly nothing. But then an ominous yet equally familiar voice reveals itself. "Never again." Same pattern.

You can find the original here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUmFknRme1Q

It's funny, people always say to me "It's him! It's your best friend!" But I don't know if it is. In between these experiences in the intervening months I would dream of him a lot. These were vivid dreams and personally I believed them to be him coming forward. But he would never talk in these dreams.

The last time I saw Nigel was in a dream a year and a half a go - just after the birth of my daughter. He walked in wearing his familiar jacket and sat opposite me on this white table - and he just stared at me. A few moments endured and his eyes became cloudy - it was actually pretty scary. Then he got up - as slowly as he had walked in - and strolled out. I never did find out why he did it.

Perhaps they aren't allowed to say much - the dead I mean. I've tried extensively to get answers. But as I'm sure those of you whom investigate this kind of thing will know - as soon as you question along the lines of "what's it like?" all contact ends immediately.

If you actually read all this - thank you. It means a lot.