i_heart_puppies Thread

I was working for a guy who did consulting for an event venue. When I was there, I usually worked on a laptop on a side table in his office. Before I started working there, he had a small TV on the table, but moved it to under his desk when I started. I never thought anything of it until one day, I am working on his computer and I accidentally turned his TV on with my foot. At some point, I look down and notice the TV and immediately could tell that he had a camera in the staff bathroom. I freaked out, told the business owners and "stayed late to help them with a project". After he left, I found the key for the "storage locker" that was in the restroom (this was in a commercial kitchen) the bathroom itself was large and I just assumed that the locked cabinet had chemicals and what not. We opened it up and for a small camera, wireless transmitter and like 300 batteries. They called the cops, who came out and did an investigation and also searched his home and confiscated all of his computers. I was hoping he would be arrested but he wasn't and he left the state the next day.