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Super late, but I'll still add. Also, it's not the freakiest, but I about had a heart attack, so it counts for me. I was on a scout camp in a foresty area and was tenting with one of my good buddies. I accidentally left the door open to the tent. Bugs had gotten in, but we hadn't noticed till late that night. We ask one of our scout leaders if we can sleep in his tent because we hate the hell out of bugs. Very manly and scout-like, I know. Anyways, he agrees and whips out his cot to sleep on under the pavilion. We get our shit moved in. Well, fuck, there's bugs everywhere in his tent too. We ask if we can sleep in his car. He let's us, so we got our stuff and set up in the car. Now he had a suburban type of car. A little bit smaller, though. Still 7 passenger type of thing. Our scout master had left the back passenger-side window open. My friend and I both decide to sleep on the very back seats. I wasn't able to sleep that night due to discomfort, so I was up the whole night. My friend was sitting on the drivers side, very back, and I was laying on the next two seats with my feet towards the passenger side. Now my head was under his blanket that he was using and my feet were out in the open. Sorry if this is hard to understand. Continuing, at some point in the night I hear footsteps outside. fuck fuck fuck I'm assuming it's a bear, but I did not want to move a muscle. The footsteps get louder and eventually stop. The next thing I hear is a sound that sounded...soundy. A soundy sort of was like dog nails on tile. Except this time it was claws on a motherfucking car. The car slightly rocked back and froth I remained perfectly still and basically stopped breathing. I could hear this motherfucker breathing. It was a heavy breathing. Slow. Inhale, exhale. Suddenly, with an exhale, my feet get super fucking warm. Niggafuckniggafuckniggafuck The bear(I'm assuming) got down from the car with the same sound of the clicking claws and I heard it slowly mozy it's way back into the forest. I got 0 sleep that night. The shitty part is, nobody fucking believed me in the morning. Fuck you scout group.