Helplessromantic Thread

Pretty late to respond, but my creepiest story involves my Aunt's motel.

It's in a very rural coal mining town in west Virginia, every time we visit our extended family my aunt lets us stay there, in a room adjacent to one they use for toy storage/a play room, it's your typical motel room just filled with toys and none of the typical motel stuff (bed, tv, etc)

One night as a small child, I go to sleep, I wake up in the center of that room playing with some toys, I was apparently able to sleep walk, grab the key card off the dresser, leave our room (without waking my parents), use the keycard on the playroom door, open it, and start playing.

Now that's not that odd I suppose, except I've literally never sleep walked before

Didn't think much of it

Next night I went to bed, woke up in the nearby playground, now I don't know how to accurately describe this playground, it's basically in a clearing 100 feet or so from the parking lot of the motel, in one direction is forest, in another direction is a lake, the other direction is just grass, and finally the motel in the last direction.

Other than a single loud buzzing light on a pole, there is no lighting, and no noise for that matter, and to make matters worse its winter, so well below freezing.

It's very unsettling to wake up in a small island of light in an ocean of pitch black with no sound but an eerie buzz, freezing, not sure how I got there.

I could see the lights of the motel a good distance away, the distance was an estimate, but as a small child it looked quite far

After a moment of gathering my courage I managed to brave the darkness to get back into my room and go to sleep.

I've not sleep walked again that i'm aware of, sorry if this is a rambling mess, really tired.

EDIT: OH Fun runner up, couple weeks ago at around 1 AM i'm on my computer doing what I usually do, suddenly my lights start flickering, I go to fiddle with the light, suddenly my phone is making a strange noise I've never heard before, I pick it up, lights still flickering, so i look at my phone (a note 3) and a timer had run up and it said "Your time is up" I didn't even realize I had a timer app, to make matters worse my light chose that time to burn out, so I was properly spooked at this point.

Wasn't until a few hours later I realized it was friday the 13th, all I could think is boy, what a lovely start for this day.

I'm not under the impression it was paranormal or anything like that, certainly spooked the hell out of me though.