BrainStewYumYum Thread

I don't have many "creepy" stories, but my parents have a couple.

When my mom and dad were dating they would go off-roading. They decided to go to Judge Dale's Farm (an old haunted farm near them). It was the middle of May, a pretty nice day out, nice and warm. They got out to this farm and there was snow everywhere. They didn't think too much of it until they got farther down the lane and saw four people and a dog. The people (a man, a child, and a woman holding a baby) were dressed in period clothing that looked like they were from the civil war era. They didn't move, just stared at my mom and dad. So of course they decided to get the hell out of there, but their brand new jeep wouldn't start (so cliched right?), finally it started and they got out and never went back.

Second story, also involves my mom and dad, also four roommates (mom's sister, their two friends, and one of the friend's boyfriend). The six of them were living in a house that was set into a hillside. They encountered small "haunted" things here and there like a missing shoe, a birds nest that was always built on the inside of a bedroom window (no matter how many times it was knocked down), and weird bumps in the night. Nothing too malicious. Then one night they were all hanging out in the living room and they heard the drum kit in the basement being played, no big deal, they thought the other roommate had entered the basement and began playing the drums, until he came through the front door. They opened the basement door and turned on the light, rushed down the stairs, to find no one there and nothing but the cymbal rocking back and forth.

Ok, not too bad right? So a week or so later, they decided to get cable installed. The cable company came to run the cable from the outside, into the basement and through to the house, but when they went into the basement, they couldn't find the cable. They paced the entire basement, nothing. Still not too creepy right?

A few days later, they decided to have a housewarming party. A party that included alcohol and 25 lbs of bacon (my parents apparently knew how to throw a party). That night they were all too drunk and tired to clean up, so they decided to leave the humongous pans of bacon grease on the stove, and clean them up in the morning. In the middle of the night, one of the roommates got up to go to the bathroom and saw a shadow in the kitchen, she didn't think anything of it though, until she heard a crash. She yelled for her boyfriend, and together they ran into the kitchen, flipped the light on, only to see both pans completely licked clean of all the grease. Creepy? Or just gross?

Then a few months into living there, it was a stormy night. They decided to call it a night and go to bed. As my mom was going to bed, she looked out her window and saw a man standing there. She screamed, and my dad and one roommate's boyfriend came running. They ran outside with their shotguns, and found... nothing. Footprints in the mud on the top of the terraced yard, outside my mom's window, and then nothing else. At this point, they wanted to get the hell out of there. They decided that night to move out.

The spent the next few days (at that point, nights were being spent elsewhere) moving everything out of the house. The last night, my mom and dad were the last ones there. After cleaning everything up, they were hungry, so they decided to have a couple steaks. My dad had a knife sitting on the counter next to the stove, and out of nowhere the knife went flying off the counter and stuck in the ground right next to his foot. Needless to say, mom and dad were done with that house. They gathered their steaks and got the hell out of there.

A few years later the house burned down. Curiosity piqued, my mom and her sister went back to the house to take a look at the foundation (it was all that was left), and saw that there was another room in the basement, where the cable must have been. The room was completely sealed off. It turns out that the house, and that room in particular, was a place of devil worship.

TL;DR My parents had a lot of encounters with ghosts, some just creepy, some downright scary.