wiffleballa Thread

Driving home from my cousins house in town one night after just getting my license. It's raining, not pouring, but enough to put a baseball game on hold. As I'm driving down one of the more traveled roads in town there's no one around (Mass Ave in Lexington). I'm going the speed limit, naturally, when I see a figure on the sidewalk. As I approach the figure he begins to step out into the street dressed in a nice hat, business suit, and briefcase.

Being the new driver I am I elect to swerve into the other lane narrowly missing the man but close enough to see him pivot, raise his hand, and stare right at me, without saying a word. I don't remember a face just his hand in the "stop position" kinda.

Once i had successfully gunned it past him I look in the rear view to see the man still standing in the road illuminated by a distant streetlight. Chills city.