rufus98 Thread

I used to live in a house that was on a major battlefield from the civil war (American civil war). On night when my parents weren't there I was asleep and a heavy weight came down on my chest and my blanket tightened around my neck so I could yell or breath. After that I could feel the breath from whatever it was breathing on my face then it started yelling (like that whispered yell). Once it disappeared I worked up the strength to go to my brothers bed and lay in it with him until dawn then I told him we are leaving. He was freaking out because I wouldn't tell him anything until we were miles away. I never slept in that house the same. I was 17 years old (male) and had never had this happen to me before or since then. I don't know if it was ghosts or what but even though I had never told my mom about this she woke up one night to a group of men talking in a circle around her bed that just disappeared to. I have only told that story a few times because reliving it scares the shit out of me still (I'm shaking).